Thursday, November 6, 2008

By Laws

1st Directive

1. Sigma Epsilon Chi, as a brotherhood of friends, is about creating an environment of fraternity between men of the same inborn scruples without the worries and financial woes of your everyday Greek brotherhood. We are the fraternity of the everyday man. We will, however, NOT give back to the community. We will NOT work for the advancement of any person except that which retains brotherhood in our organization. And, finally, we will treat all brothers as equals, except pledges, whom will be treated as equal subordinates to brothers, and the High Council, who will be treated with their due respect for planting the seeds of creation.

2nd Directive
To Be Recited by all Brothers (By Memory) upon request by a High Council Member

I am a Sigma Epsilon Chi Brother.

I love the delicious taste of a cold beer.

I am impartial and fair to all my fellow brothers.

I will be behind my brothers no matter what the situation.

I will fornicate with any respectable woman upon invitation.

I am a Sigma Epsilon Chi Brother

3rd Directive

* No Pledge will show disrespect to any brother or High Council member.
* If you’re not going to drink, you are officially giving up your right to not drive somewhere.
* Subordinates will not be treated with unreasonable disrespect. They will not be asked to commit any act that their commander would not do himself.
* Within reason, a pledge must participate in the schedule of pledge events.
* No argument will come to blows between Fraternity Members, no matter what the situation. All internal disputes that cannot be resolved in a civilized way shall be brought before the High Council to be discussed between the brothers or pledges involved.
* No premium malt beverages will be consumed by any fraternity member under penalty of persecution by his fellow brothers.
* At any event, all High Council members will be called by their official names (ex. Godfather, Pledgemaster, etc.). Any non-compliance will result in immediate disciplinary action.
* Any attendee of a Sigma Epsilon Chi event will be subject to the approval of the brothers. If majority disaproval is evident, the attendee will be evicted from the event.
* Any High Council Member or Brother who abuses the privileges bestowed upon him or that brings disgrace upon our brethren will be subject to demotion/disciplinary action pending a hearing by the High Council.

Upon completion of their pledge ships, Pledges will become official Brothers, with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges thereof

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